Frequently Asked Questions

What can I sell on Vision Creative Marketplace?

You can sell any creative services you offer, including but not limited to photography, videography, fashion styling, makeup artistry, hair styling, modeling, music, dance, acting, and more.

At Vision Creative Marketplace, signing up, browsing, and listing creative services is completely free of charge. When creating your service listing, you have the flexibility to set your pricing based on the hour, project, or month. For the platform facilitation service that we provide, we take a commission of 15% on services rendered.

Yes! We welcome you to list as many services and projects as you would like. We want to create a community where all creative skills and project ideas are welcome and appreciated.

A project is a collaboration opportunity between a client and a creative to bring a unique creative vision to life. Clients can post a project listing with details about what they're looking for, and creatives can submit proposals to work on the project.

You can showcase your profile by filling out your profile information, including your skills and services, previous work, and portfolio. You can also keep your profile up-to-date by regularly adding new work and reviews from clients. You can also add and share your creator profile link to your social media accounts.

Some keys to a great service listing include: Detailed and clear description of your services Professional and eye-catching portfolio showcasing your work Relevant and up-to-date skills and experience Competitive pricing

Some keys to a great project listing include: Clear and concise description of the project vision Detailed requirements and specifications Budget range for the project Timeframe for completion

Yes, signing up and browsing services and projects on Vision Creative Marketplace is completely free of charge.

You can apply for projects by submitting a proposal. Simply browse through the project listings, choose the one you're interested in, and submit a proposal with your portfolio and quote for the project.